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Grain Temperature Monitoring
and Automation Solutions

Smart Silo


Intelligent solution for grain storage and processing plants which can unite all the information processes into a single management system


The Smart Silo system allows you to create and combine all management subsystems:

  • ERP accounting system;
  • MES-systems forming production process management algorithms;
  • Automated process control systems:

                - silo monitoring,
                - automation of local industrial processes
                  (grain loading/unloading, cleaning, drying, processing),
                - access control system,
                - video surveillance;

  • Data from sensors and third-party systems.

Do you already have an automation system installed at your factory? We can implement Smart Silo system on your existing equipment.


System features


Depending on the type and quality of raw materials, the system will offer the best route for its transportation to the silo.


Machinery downtime is minimized by an automatically generated tasks queue from the processes of acceptance, processing and shipment performed simultaneously.


Transport take-over, sampling, acceptance of raw materials and other processes are performed instantly, without errors and discrepancies arising from the "human factor".



Control of access and movement of trucks within the facilities is performed in accordance with the preset parameters and priority.


The system carries out batch accounting, which allows you to determine the quantity and quality of raw materials in each storage tank.


All data of production processes, operations and product is logged and available for further analysis.


Automation and silo monitoring systems, weight control points and other subsystems are combined with the upper-level accounting system to create a unified management environment.



Discover the Smart Silo functionalities


The system is customized with regard to your enterprise operation features and individual needs.



Get the most out of your business



Maximum loading of equipment.
All the processes of acceptance, shipment, processing of the product are carried out continuously and independently of each other.



You can be sure that only the product of the required quality gets into the container, mix-up is excluded. Mistakes are no longer the cause of lost profits..



Diagnostics and prevention of emergency situations will allow you to ensure uninterrupted operation of the enterprise.


No paperwork

Working with electronic documents will allow for fast and reliable data processing. No more errors with documentation.



Data on the amount of raw materials stored and the processes performed are available in real time.



Downtime, errors, incorrect or untimely decisions will cost you much more than the system value.

Make your silo operate the best way!

Specify the details and get a plan for your silo modernization.

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