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Grain Temperature Monitoring
and Automation Solutions
The best way to keep your grain safe


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Turn-key automation solutions for industrial processes


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Intelligent control system for managing all the information processes of grain storage


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Intended to measure and process data on temperature and loading level of bulk materials (grains – wheat, corn, barley, rice; soybeans, animal feed etc.) in silo storages.

Control the entire configuration on your laptop/PC or operator panel: temperature and loading level values, temperature curves for any period of time, graphs for quick silo assessment. The system informs about temperature increase to keep raw materials safe from explosion or contamination due to development of insect infestation, mold or fungus.

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Stainless steel temperature cables

Safe for the environment, no static electricity, no breaks and minimal roof load.


Fully digital system

Processing of digital signals significantly improves the quality and scope of data that can be monitored.


Manufacturer's warranty

We can guarantee system performance within the limits that go beyond the standard warranty terms.


Great experience

Hundreds of implemented projects give us the experience that always works for the benefit of our clients.


Turnkey manufacturing

Taking control of every stage of manufacturing is the only way to guarantee high reliability that customers expect from us.


Wired and wireless solutions

We create easy-to-install solutions that are reliable and convenient to use.


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We carry out a  full cycle of automation:  manufacturing hardware and developing software components, providing design, on-site equipment installation and system launch.

We render warranty and maintenance services.

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Grain storage

Our system allows you to avoid accidents, downtime, damage and loss of raw materials.


Compound feed plant

You can benefit from automating any and all industrial processes on your enterprise: material handling, processing, drying, cleaning, storage of raw materials etc.


Seed plant

With our system you will take automated control of all the stages of processing sunflower and other seeds through a centralized control system.

Rice plant

You can enjoy continuous, 24/7, trouble-free enterprise operation by applying automated control systems to production lines.


Grain drying complex

Minimize the number of employees operating the industrial processes and thus ensure reduction of recurring costs.


Grain cleaning complex

You can save energy by controlling the optimal load of equipment, automatically shutting down idle equipment or production line, adjusting the product flow rate.


Consult with automation experts:


 Maximize the platform’s performance while making the day-to-day lives of farmers easier. 

Every information and production process of the grain silo storage now can be combined into a single management system.

MES, Automation system, Accounting and Taxation, ERP.

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Full process automation

Transportation, storage, material handling, as well as the entire document flow are performed automatically.


Data logging

Automated logging of all the processes and events for further analysis and processing.


No more errors

There will be no more downtime, breakdowns, malfunctions, transportation errors, lost profits caused by human factor.



No downtime, processes are formed and executed in parallel.


Economic benefits

You will need only one employee to control all the processes. Benefits arising from the system implementation exceed the cost of the system.



Data exchange with the higher-level ERP-system.


How to implement the system at your enterprise?


We are expanding the list of enterprises where our systems have been implemented, covering new regions and industries.

By the moment we have successfully commissioned  over 500 projects  for various industries – agriculture, oil and gas, energy and metallurgy; as well as for various climate and operating conditions in Russia, EAEU countries, North Africa.

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More than 15 years we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying turnkey solutions for automated process control and also wide range of software and hardware tools for industrial process automation - PLCs, I/O modules, sensors, interface converters etc.

Our enterprise is located on a 6500 square meter area and has research and development department equipped by modern means of design automation; system integration department; processing line of surface-mount manufacturing; metal-working manufacturing and plastics product manufacturing.

We guarantee high level of quality and reliability of all manufactured devices, equipment and services. We have all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide enterprise automation solutions on turnkey basis – from pre-project inspection up to the system launch, and including warranty and post-warranty support.

Home manufacturing, storage facilities and highly professional team of engineers allow us to supply reliable and cost-effective solutions within the shortest terms!

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