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Grain Temperature Monitoring
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Industrial Automation


Grainautomation system is designed to solve a wide range of automation tasks for grain storage and processing facilities, feed mills and seed plants. 

Our solution is able to take automatic control on all the technological equipment available on your agroindustrial enterprise.

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Grainautomation system capabilities

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  • control center (operator station) for technological processes monitoring;
  • automatic ventilation and aeration fan control;
  • remote control of grain transportation routes;
  • remote control over any technological equipment and devices installed;
  • monitoring sensors and transmitters conditions;
  • identification of emergency situations and emergency equipment shutdown;
  • sound alarm;
  • automatic logging of all the processes: operator actions; enabling/disabling time of automation system, equipment, devices, routes; incident initiation and response time; equipment amperage rate; unauthorized activity etc.
  • reporting and archiving;
  • customized functions in accordance with customer demands.

Need examples of implemented automation systems? See control cabinets gallery.


We offer a full range of services on Grainautomation system installation


  • pre-project inspection;
  • individual technical design specification with regard to the customer’s requirements and needs;
  • technical documentation development;
  • designing and manufacturing of control cabinets and power distribution units;
  • PLC software development;
  • HMI and SCADA system development;
  • automation equipment supply;
  • electrical installation and commissioning services, installation supervision;
  • start-up of the system;
  • personnel training and technical support;
  • post-warranty service.

For details see our installations.

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