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Grain Temperature Monitoring
and Automation Solutions


Grainautomation has its own production lines for factory manufacturing of automation systems.

All products are manufactured in Russia on a production area of 6500 m2.


Up-to-date production lines

For the manufacture of automation components automatic assembly lines are used to ensure high quality and manufacturability of products.

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The electronic components used are designed to operate in harsh operating conditions in the temperature range from -40 to +85 °C with increased reliability.


Precision material processing


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Specialized equipment for machining allows us to implement design solutions that best meet the requirements of a particular project.

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The housings of the automation modules are manufactured on a specialized plastic injection machine.


Qualified specialists

Grainautomation specialists are guided by the standards of the enterprise for each technological operation.

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We pay special attention to the quality of manufacture of our systems, observing all requirements for labeling and ensuring safety.

Technical control

Quality control carries out both obligatory intermediate control at all stages of production, and control of compliance of operational parameters with the requirements of technical conditions.

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Since 2006, the QMS at the enterprise has been annually tested for compliance with the ISO 9001 standart requirements.

Due to comprehensive measures to ensure reliability, we provide a full guarantee for Grainautomation systems: 


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