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Grain Temperature Monitoring
and Automation Solutions

Engineering center

Our in-house engineering center is performing full range of designing automation systems of any complexity either standard or as per individual requirements.



Based on the client’s specifications and pre-project inspection, we are developing design documentation with regard to all the characteristics and technical peculiarities of your enterprise. 

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We will take care of your functional and safety requirements and make sure that they are optimally implemented.


In-house manufacturing of automation modules and controllers

Our team of specialists is engaged in the development of automation devices produced under the " RealLab! " Trademark.

RealLab! product line includes: high-performance PLCs , industrial operator panels (panel PLCs) on Windows and Linux operating systems , I / O modules , interface converters , IS barriers , power supplies ,  interface converters and sensors.

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Our modules are used within industrial process control systems which require reliable and uninterrupted operation under severe temperature conditions from -40 to +70°C:

  • in the oil and gas sector,
  • energy,
  • agriculture and
  • other industries.


PLC and SCADA programming

The company's programmers carry out projects of varying complexity: from simple local systems to complex automation systems for large enterprises.

The accumulated knowledge in the automation of agricultural facilities allows us to anticipate system bottlenecks in advance and implement the necessary checks.

Based on the results of engineering work, Grainautomation carries out the manufacture , implementation, commissioning and testing of automation systems at the facility, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.


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