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Grain Temperature Monitoring
and Automation Solutions

Service and technical support

Automation projects are accompanied by on field and remote maintenance works.


Post-warranty service

We provide our clients with services for regular maintenance of the facility in order to identify bottlenecks, possible equipment malfunctions, and perform scheduled work.

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Grain Automation specialists carry out on-site diagnostics with reporting, as well as carry out scheduled maintenance of the APCS systems, which allows:

  • prevent the occurrence of breakdowns and downtime,
  • reasonably predict service costs;
  • professionally perform routine maintenance.
  • reduce personnel costs.


Technical support

Technical support from specialists involved in the development of systems allows you to quickly diagnose and fix the problem both remotely and on site at the automation facility.

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You can ask a question about the operation of our systems or clarify the details and exact characteristics by phone or through the feedback form.


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