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More than 15 years we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying turnkey solutions for automated process control and also wide range of software and hardware tools for industrial process automation - PLCs, I/O modules, sensors, interface converters etc.

Our enterprise is located on a 6500 square meter area and has research and development department equipped by modern means of design automation; system integration department; processing line of surface-mount manufacturing; metal-working manufacturing and plastics product manufacturing.

We guarantee high level of quality and reliability of all manufactured devices, equipment and services. We have all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide enterprise automation solutions on turnkey basis – from pre-project inspection up to the system launch, and including warranty and post-warranty support.

Home manufacturing, storage facilities and highly professional team of engineers allow us to supply reliable and cost-effective solutions within shortest terms!




Grain temperature monitoring system

Our Temperature Monitoring System is intended to keep the best conditions for grain stored in silos. With our system your grain will be protected from insect infestation, mold or fungus! The system controls temperature and loading level of grains, cereals, mixed fodder and other vegetable raw materials in storage silos. Our software keeps and archives the collected data on a computer hard disk.

Grain software allows to visualize all the needed information in a user-friendly manner. On your desktop you can see temperature and crops loading level of each silo, as well as temperature trend for any period of time. You can easily make temperature curve for each silo, generate necessary reports and print them.

Grain Temperature Monitoring System Advantages:

  • low power consumption;
  • good maintainability of digital thermohangers and other system components;
  • possibility of working both with analog and digital thermohangers;
  • system service life of 25 years;
  • operating temperature range is from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius;
  • grain level measuring;
  • user-friendly software;
  • convenient and easy metrology calibration method;
  • simplicity and convenience for installation and further maintenance;
  • after-sales service;
  • short delivery times of spare parts for the system;
  • guarantee period of 3 years;
  • the system has all the necessary licenses and certificates;
  • wireless/wired connection.



Grain automation system

Our Turnkey Automated Process Control Solution is designed to solve a wide range of automation tasks for agrarian industry – elevators, grain storage silos, grain handling systems, compound feed mills etc. Our solution is able to take automatic control on all the technological equipment available on your agroindustrial enterprise.

Grain Automation System capabilities:

  • technological processes monitoring on the dispatcher computer screen;
  • remote access to automated or manual control of raw and finished product traffic route;
  • automated control of multicomponent scales (automatic or remote control of the dispenser motors, latches and other equipment);
  • grain crushing and extruding control;
  • diagnostics of technical equipment;
  • sound alarm;
  • emergency equipment shutdown;
  • reporting and archiving;
  • other functions in accordance with customer demands.
We offer a full range of works and services on
Grain system installation:

  • pre-project inspection;
  • individual target specification is created for each project taking into account customer’s requirements and needs;
  • development of necessary technical documentation;
  • development and manufacturing of control cabinets and power cabinets;
  • software development for controllers;
  • software development for HMI with absolute visualization of technological process;
  • equipment supply;
  • mounting, installation supervision and commissioning services;
  • start-up of the system;
  • personnel training and technical support;
  • post-warranty service.



We have successfully completed more than 100 projects. Grain Temperature Monitoring and Automation Systems have been installed in agro-industrial plants and factories, grain storage and handling centers, mills, factory farms. We have joint projects with the large international manufacturers of grain storage silos:

  • MySilo
  • GSI
  • Petkus
  • Cordoba
  • Symaga
  • Scafco

We ensure excellent compatibility of our systems!


We are looking for partners worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a dealer / distributor / integrator of Grain Monitoring and Automation Systems, Please contact us.


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